2019 Mid-Season Report

2019 Midseason Report! Rainouts were the story to begin the 2019 tournament baseball season. We have been fortunate to have some good weather, although the rain has been coming in on the weekends. Enough about rain, let’s talk about youth sport BASEBALL!

Club Spotlight

STL Force Baseball Club
St. Louis Force Baseball & Fastpitch Club

We got the season off with a bang when we were able to have two awesome filming opportunities with the St. Louis Force in Fenton, Missouri. We were out with Game 7 for the opening of their new training facility, Champions Village. Then we were able to come out and film a Club Spotlight.

We were then able to get to Branson and Springfield for the opening of the Season with The Barnhouse and SW Missouri Game 7 Baseball, and with Game 7 Baseball at Ballparks of America. It is a great venue down there, all turf fields. We were able to talk with a few of the 14U teams in Springfield on Opening Day of The Barnhouse Spring League.

SW MO Game 7
SW Missouri Game 7

I always enjoy talking with these young men and getting to know what they are working on and their aspirations for the opportunities they have in front of them. Even the Umpire crews allowed us on the field to film a couple of the pre-game ground rules meetings. Then we were able to get some great video of the ball parks and the kids playing ball that weekend.

We have just finished constructing a new page on our website called the Community Page for Youth Sports & Activities Midwest. We have placed two different links for the fans to utilize throughout the season and beyond.

Community Page

First, we have the Game 7 video upload link. This is for the express use of family and friends of players who are participating in a Game 7 Baseball tournament. If you were able to capture some footage of your child, grandchild, or friends child and want us to get that on the next show, then click on that link and follow the directions. Dave and Dave have been great partners in allowing us all-access to their tournaments and the teams involved.

Game 7

Game 7 State Championships
Game 7 State Championships

To Finish our 2019 Mid-Season Report, the season is moving by so quickly as we just finished up with the Game 7 Championship weekend and have had a great time with all the Players, Coaches, and Parents. We have had the great privilege of handing out our TOP Award in our spotlight divisions sponsored by Cool Bats. And now, we are heading to the big 5-day weekend of the World Series to end this incredible season of youth baseball. Don’t forget to upload the video of your son or daughter playing at a Game 7 tournament. We will see you at the ballpark!

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