We just finished with our first installment of “What High School Did You Go To?” and we hope that everyone has enjoyed watching this story of one of our local young men who has been impacted by the community around him, and how it has helped shape the path on which he travels.

Impacted Lives

I believe many of us, when we sit back and look at our own path, can see those who have impacted our lives and helped us grow into the person we are today. Our families, our peers, and those who have played a part in our education and social growth can be seen throughout that path when we truly take the time to think about those people.

Building Relationships

Building relationships not only in our families but in the community and how we can all make an impact in a person’s life is something we don’t think about on a regular basis. I believe that a family and the values that are built within those relationships have a great impact on the community and the world around us. We can all take a moment to reflect on the opportunities and challenges that we have been faced with at one time or another.

Nic Perkins & Coach Mike Storm What High School did you go to?

It is our hope that through this series of storytelling interviews, we can be inspired to be part of our community in a positive way. Taking the time to be part of the lives of the young people around us, encouraging and sharing our experiences we all have encountered.

Positive Part of the Community

Every day, we wake to tragedies in the world, in our country, and in our own community. Today we wake up to bring a message of hope. Encouraging those around us to be better. To be a positive part of the community, and the world around us. When we start each day with the challenge of, what do I have to give today, I believe we can make an impact in a child’s life that will impact the community and society for many years to come.

Positive Part of the Community
Give and Encourage

I want to encourage those reading this to make that a part of your day, to think about what you have to give to another, and how that might impact their life. What we have to give makes a way for us, may the Lord bless and keep you!

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