Game 7 Video Upload Link

This Link is for the express use of those teams playing in Game 7 Tournaments that will be featured on the Game 7 Weekend Preview and Tournament Wrap up shows. We look forward to bring you the very best of the baseball played in Game 7 tournaments.

Youth Sports Community Video Upload Link

This link is for the use of the Community of Youth Sports & Activities. If you have a video you would like us to feature on our show, or a story along with a video that shares our values of Character, Commitment, and Community, then this is the place for you!

2019 TOP Award Recipients

The YSAM community page, come and see what is happening in our Youth Sports Community. Help us bring the stories of commitment to building character within our youth by continuing to support our community page. We believe this helps build a healthy community. We highlight Game 7 baseball tournaments, & the TOP Award by Cool Bats. See what's coming up in the next episode of Youth Sports and Activities Midwest!

Youth Sports & Activities Midwest Partners

We would like to thank our partners for joining our Community Page and sharing in the commitment we have to building character through youth sports in our community. Our TOP Award is given to an outstanding player of the weekend tournament. This player is also outstanding within their commitment to building character with their community. We also are looking forward to bringing you more Club Spotlights and our series "What High School Did You Go To?". Which features local youth that have come back to the community and have made a positive impact, and how youth sports has helped shape their interest in giving back to the community that supported them throughout their youth and high school, and college playing days.

Club Spotlight Organizations

Game 7 Baseball Tournament Videos

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2019 Spring Smackdown Video Playlist
Game 7 Baseball Tournament -Show Me Slam 2019 -Click the Icon to see videos!
2019 Cinco De Mayo Slugfest
G7 Memorial Day Classic
I-70 Showdown
Game 7 State Championships
2019 Father's Day Classic
2019 World Nationals
2019 Firecracker NIT