Social Branding and Management


(Trusted Client)

Concept Planning / Storyboarding / Production / Final Edit

Focused Program / Strategic Planning / Social Management

2 Hr. Shoot - 2 Person Crew - 1 Revision  $800

3 Hr. Shoot - 2 Person Crew - 2 Revisions $1,600

4 Hr. Shoot - 3 Person Crew - 2 Revisions $2,400


Single Managed Social Media Platform - $500 / Month

Two Managed Social Media Platforms - $750 / Month

Three Managed Social Media Platforms - $1,000 / Month

Creating and working with creative people is what we love to do!

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Passion - Content - Story

Our Company, creating content, telling your story. As a video production company, we feel it is just as important for our clients and our community to know the what, why, and how behind Red Earth Productions. Our company is comprised of a family with passions for many different areas of creativity and producing. Therefore, when pooled together they create the ability to tell the stories of our community! Creating and working with creative people is what we love to do, and we want to make that possible for you. However, connecting your business with the community around you can be a difficult process. Time, money spent, and frustration can hinder businesses who do not have expendable resources or marketing budgets.

Make a Passion Statement with Your Content

As a local business, we have taken the approach to give our clients the professional video content or social branding they need to make that connection on a budget for small businesses. When REP was founded in 2015, to give creative people a place to utilize their talents and abilities, we wanted to make our community's stories just as attainable as our own. Our team strives for development, challenges, and enrichment in order to continuously meet the needs of our clients. As well as making it possible to continue telling our own story. Our Passion, Content, and Story are at the Core of Red Earth Productions, which makes what we love to do possible! 

Meet the Family

Our passion to create content for a story starts with building a relationship with the people we work with! The relationships we build through our core values are the foundation of who we are as people, and making that connection with our client is our goal.

Brian French

Managing Partner

Brian's aspiration to create a production company came into reality in 2015. The creative process and producing stories has been his life long passion, now a reality in REP.

French, Lauren
Lauren French

Social Branding & Management

With Lauren's passion for creative writing, she has put her skills to work building social campaigns and producing content. Being able to use a creative outlet to build a career directly out of school is an exciting opportunity!

REP Justin French
Justin French

Technical Operations

Justin works with the team as a seasonal intern while he works to finish his degree at University of Missouri-St. Louis. This unique opportunity allows him to develop his skills in the classroom and in a work environment.

French, Stephanie
Stephanie French

REP Operations Manager

Stephanie has spent many years in the corporate service industry and brings her talent and abilities to manage the daily operations or Red Earth Productions.