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Brand Conscious

Building business through relationships, not transactions!
We, REP, are a Micro-Business and we understand the challenges that face companies like ours. We are all trying to achieve the same goals towards building Brand Identity and Awareness. Every business has a different budget, how can we work within your budget to create a strategy using theREP Way? Building a brand that helps identify you in the community!
Planning | Communication | Optimization | Solutions

Visually Creative

Visually Creative methods to tell your story, relate to the community around you, whatever the project may be!
REP is positioned to bring strategies and opportunities to Micro & Small Businesses through video production, graphic design, social media, email marketing, planning, and management. Building a unique relationship to work with Micro & Small business giving them the opportunity to succeed and thrive in the community. Using our creative process, we work to identify your objective and set the initiative to bring your Brand Identity to life in a visually creative way.
Production | Video Marketing | Vlogging | Graphic Design

Why Do Micro-Businesses Fail?


Poor Marketing




Ran out of Cash


Fail in 1st-Year


Fail in 5th-Year

Initiate and Develop

Filling in the framework of your companies identity!
Does every Micro-Business have objectives in place that will set an initiative by which you can develop an effective strategy? How do you build Brand Awareness using Social Media Marketing, Video Content, and Brand Marketing? Every Micro Business owner knows they need these components to build their company. Here at theREP we can take your objectives and set the initiative that can be developed without breaking your budget.
Strategy | Conceptualization | Identity | Goals

Create and Manage

Identify your Micro-business on any platform!
Who has time to be creative when you are busy running your micro or small business? As business owners, time is precious. Running your business doesn't leave time left over to be creative, push social campaigns, develop your Brand Identity the way you want. What we offer as a production company is our service. Logo and graphic design, video content, social media video, email marketing, and website, you gain not only time, but visually stunning work for your business.
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How Can We Help You?

Video Production

Graphic Design

Brand and Social Management