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The Importance of a Marketing Plan

Here are some statistics to prove the point!


Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%
source: smallbizgenious


89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values.
source: smallbizgenious


Email Marketing average return on investment for every $1 spent.
source: Litmus, ROI of Email Marketing

Simplify Marketing Simplify Success

DIY Marketing

Don't have time to train in marketing? Don't know where to start for market research? Don't understand how to build your social presence?
You don't have to! REP can do it for you! 
Have a full Digital Marketing plan ready for you to implement!

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Managed Marketing

REP has a Full marketing team focused on the Micro business owner and entrepreneur. Digital marketing at a professional level should be accesible and affordable to the micro business community. Our team is here to provide that for your business! 

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SMS - Text

Extending your marketing through SMS is a great way to connect with your clients as well as continue to build the relationship on their terms. They can hear from you when, how much, and what about from your business!

High powered marketing in the palm of your hand!

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Scheduling Calendar

Utilizing the content calendar allows you to connect all your accounts and schedule content in advance to save time and allocate it to your business! Not only that you can connect through Facebook and Instagram messages and easily build relationships to find new clients or customers!

Save time and stay in the loop with your marketing!

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Building a strong email list is key to keeping the consumer informed about the latest, products, services, or discounts. Email is one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal.

"According to 80% of professionals, email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention." Constant Contact

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Brand Conscious (/brand/kän(t)SHəs/):

Continually bringing awareness to the culture behind your company. Defining the face of your brand with a relatable image to create one whole Brand Identity. Whether you’re looking for a full-service marketing expert or guidance getting started. REP can help you with advice and expertise that’s anything but one-size-fits-all for your digital marketing.

The focus of digital marketing is on cultivating a Brand Conscious customer or consumer. However, you cannot cultivate this mindset or relationship without being conscious of your own brand or how someone relates to it.

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Constant Contact Partner

As a Certified Constant Contact partner, REP can help you make sense of your digital marketing. Not only are we an expert in Constant Contact’s marketing tools. REP has the best practices and knowledge to help you put your ideas into motion with a strategy built for Micro Businesses.

Training, support, and continued development have allowed us to be the right digital marketing team to meet your needs as a business owner! Whether you are wanting to utilize our team for full digital marketing or as your Constant Contact Consultants. You will get what is best for your business out of the Constant Contact tools!

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