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Identify your brand on any platform! Who has time to be creative when you are busy running your micro or small business? Time is precious and what we offer as a production company is our service, studio, and creative skill. Video production for the micro business owner and entrepreneur. You gain not only time, but a visually creative team to work for your business. Every business has its own unique challenges and budgets. We can work with you to create the video that works for you! Let us tell your story! Building business through relationships and not transactions.

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Our Services

What We Do!

Video Production for the Micro Business owner and entrepreneur!

Branded Videos

Video can bring your brand to life in a way no other medium can! Tell your story in HD, on any platform!

Company & Training Videos

Video for training, HR, seminars, sales! Tell your story with beautiful HD video! 

Social Media Video

Our Social Bites are a key component to any digital marketing strategy. We can help!

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Video is King

a few statistics to prove the point!


of employees' preferred work training in the form of video.
wyzowl 2021


of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website. 
wyzowl 2021


of people say that they've been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand's video.
wyzowl 2021

About Us & Our Crew

Passion Statement:
Our passion is the ongoing pursuit of what we love to do, while missions have a finality, we never stop striving to be the best. Everyone wants to reach their goals, but it is passion that drives us to reach the next goal.

Established 2015

We established Red Earth Productions in 2015 focused on bringing opportunities to Micro & Small Businesses through video production. Building a unique relationship to work with Micro & Small business giving them the opportunity to succeed and thrive in the community. Using our creative process, we work to identify your objective and set the initiative to bring your project to completion. On time and on budget!

Visually Creative (/ˈviZHo͞oəlē/ /krē-ˈā-tiv):

Seeing a company's vision transform into relatable content through artistically painting a picture that captures the culture embodying their brand. REP has the video production methods to tell your story! Relating to the community around you, whatever the project may be! Creativity driven by passion for what we love to do. 

Brian French

Managing Partner

Drew Clutts

Production Manager